What does it mean WTS Eco Green System ?


WTS is a green company based on eco-friendly values, which have the aim to respect the environment.
The eco-green philosophy of WTS means:


SAVE WATER as it is a precious necessity to be protected

PRODUCE with the minimal environmental impact

GUARANTEE THE QUALITY OF THE WATER supplied by our products because the health of our customers is our main objective


Plating plant with ZERO DISCHARGE


The galvanic treatment is the most delicate phase of the entire production cycle. The main purpose of the chrome plating, obtained thanks to a galvanic procedure, is to protect the faucets from corrosion. The suitable thickness of the chrome guarantees a higher resistance and a longer lifetime of the product.

For years, the companies specialized in galvanic process used to discharge in the environments
huge quantities of waters contaminated by chrome and nickel, which are highly prejudicial from an ecological point of view.

The WTS chrome plating plant, installed in the factory of San Maurizio D’Opaglio, has a purification system able to purify the wastewaters, to allow their reuse in the production cycle and consequently to avoid the emission in the environment: the WTS chrome plating plant can be defined as Zero Discharge Plant.


Water Saving Philosofy


The WTS products are studied in order to allow the maximum water saving ( up to 40%) but preserving the comfort and usability and, therefore, contributing to a socially responsible and eco-friendly usage of the available water resources.

Sustainable production


WTS makes the choice of giving to its corporate policy a distinctly ecological connotation. This commitment involves every steps of the production cycle, with the awareness that all the efforts could represent an important variable in the business strategy, as well as an ethical value of absolute importance. A new and modern photovoltaic system together with a chrome plating plant with zero discharge are the latest innovations WTS is proud to present.

Double plate


Accurate productive process to guarantee the best resistance to the usury and brightness. All faucets are Double Plate, which are characterized by a double chrome plating and nickel plating to grant the product a long life.