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WTS supply customized products which can satisfy any requirement and a wide range of accessories, all in compliance with European and International standards.

The experience gained from years of presence in the faucet industry, has allowed us to develop a range of products in which every technical detail has been studied with the aim to improve its products in terms of size, ease of assembly and hydraulic flow.

Thanks to the modularity of the products and the efficient management of the supply chain, WTS manages to make every single product unique, in accordance to the customer’s requirements. This opportunity, together with a wide range of standard products, allows you to find in WTS the ideal partner for your every need.




The department for Search and Product development is using the latest systems of 3D projects. All our projects are developed upon indications from our customers. Step by Step we keep them informed about the evolution of the items. We are able to provide the prototype of the new required product in short time. The file in 3D of the project will be transferred to a printer destinated for the quick realisation of the prototype. Thanks to this we can make your project immediately concrete and real.
Obviously all the projects are following the international standards.



One of our strengths is represented by the flessibility of Wts in following and developing in synergy with our customers.
Since a lot of years Wts is cooperating with the main European sanitary producers. We develop with them new products for their production: this e xperience is favourable for our customers.
The secret of this process is called Modularity and Flessibility:
Wts has realized, and is still continuing to realize, a range of technical modules that are standarized and can be assembled in various and innovative ways. The advanced CAD System and the machinery for the quick realisation of the prototype allows to realize in short time and limited costs (justifiable also for the reduced production quantity) the personalization of the component’s shape. The final result is a particular and only product, that is perfectly suitable for the aestethical and functional demands of the customer; produced in quick time and economically advantageous.

Custom solutions in brass and chromed zama


WTS produces exclusive articles on drawings and models provided by customers or develops ad hoc projects based on the specific needs of companies in the most diverse sectors: household, lighting, furniture, appliances, etc.

The design service Zamak accessories in co-design with the customer guarantees the realization of accessories, components and parts perfectly functional, aesthetically pleasing and conform to the particular requirements.

WTS’s design engineers are joined to the customer’s technical office to study the feasibility of the project. Suggest possible modifications or alternative solutions for the realization of Zamak, bathroom accessories, furnishing items, components and furniture handles.

This consultancy allows to improve the performance and quality of the product required, to reduce costs and to accelerate the time of realization thanks to a direct and exclusive commercial support.

Why WTS B2B department ?


  • Technical Know-How

  • Warehouse Service

  • Direct Commercial Support

  • Constant control of the production process


Contact us at mail : wtsbusinessdept@wtsgroup.eu

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